We’re All About You!


Joining Planet in Action as a Community Partner will provide you numerous benefits. They include:

·       No Dues. Just join us by pledging to support our movement, mission and vision.

·       Participation in the Do It America™ series of “Planet In Action Activities,” e.g., cleaning, planting, learning, recycling, building, etc. which can occur year-round.

·       Use of our simple web-based “Action Tracker” system that tracks your community events and produces your reports for you.

·       Planet In Action link to the Community Partner website.

·       Link to Planet In Action best practices, etc.

·       Engagement in annual “Action Themes.”

·       Planet In Action educational direction.

·       Funding assistance and resources.

·       Volunteer mentorship and local legacy opportunities.

·       Volunteer event “management” web-based software facilitated by Planet In Action resources.

·       Enhanced benefits for volunteers---“Volunteer Service Resume™” and premium offers.

·     Opportunity to work with our Global Sponsors to help your organization successfully reach volunteers, secure funding and in-kind, and activate locally.

·  Participation in educational and instructional webinars.

·  Opportunity to participate in “Sponsor Showcase Events.”