Introducing… Planet In Action!















We’re proud to announce the launch of an exciting, dynamic, unique and collaborative umbrella organization, created to provide essential services to community improvement organizations. Planet In Action is a private nonprofit, designed to compliment and support the ongoing work of community improvement organizations and other service organizations, both in the US and other selected international locations.


We invite you to join as a Community Partner, where you would share in our mission, vision and approach to community improvement activities, and benefit from the positive impact on your service area.

Our Mission

To help improve and sustain the planet community-by-community, by utilizing local activation, essential tools and high technology to catalyze, excite and intensify the activities of volunteers worldwide to achieve measurable local impact.

Our Vision

Planet In Action will focus on Advocacy, Community Improvement and Environmental Education to support community action, impact volunteer activities and achieve sustainable efforts that will help improve the world in which we live for generations to come.